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Eric M. Wright CPA, CITP, William M. Deller CISA, CTPRP, CTPRA, CCSFP

Schneider Downs has extensive experience building and optimizing the third party risk programs for a variety of clients.

We have managed entire Third-Party Risk Management programs across all different maturity levels and various points of the TPRM lifecycle. 我们有采购方面的工作经验, compliance, technical, and financial teams along with business functional areas who own third party relationships. 因此,我们的团队可以适应您的程序需求.

这种持续的支持补充了我们的核心评估bet9平台游戏, and when combined, 我们的支持鼓励提高TPRM保障水平. The following are examples of ways we provide ongoing program support in addition to our traditional external assessment services:

  • 评估项目管理、调度和协调
  • Tracking assessment metrics and reporting to management/TPRM stakeholders
  • Assessment evidence retrieval
  • 开发和维护过程文件
  • TPRM政策和程序的优化
  • 解决方案工程和软件选择
  • TPRM项目成熟度的延续
  • 协助将TPRM引入其他业务部门
  • Internal risk assessments
  • 渗透测试bet9平台游戏实现

Additional TPRM Services


Built by our tenured team of security, risk and compliance practitioners. We have leveraged decades of diverse subject-matter expertise and experience to be able to provide the following resources and tools:

How Can Schneider Downs Help?

The Schneider Downs Risk Advisory Services team has the expertise, 凭据和工具来帮助您构建, implement, recalibrate, 并管理世界一流的第三方风险管理项目. We understand that outsourcing business functions to third parties is essential in today’s business environment.  While outsourcing provides benefits such as increased efficiency and cost savings, it also increases an organization’s risk exposure to a myriad of threats presented by outsourcing.  Understanding how to identify and manage the risks presented by third party providers is vital for any business.

Learn more about our 第三方风险管理bet9平台游戏 or contact us to get started.


Big Problem: 受勒索软件影响的公司.

Big Thinking: 现场恢复系统,避免六位数的赎金.

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Big Problem: 低效的税收抵免实现.

Big Thinking: Identified A $900,000 Tax Credit, Nearly Twice As Much As Prior Years.

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